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Nourishing shampoo training course

The nourishing shampoo service has just been introduced to Vietnam but has received a lot of attention from customers. This method requires a lot of technical elements, requiring you to go through basic courses with professional processes.

Cosmetic tattoo spray training course

In the face of the fact that other industries fall into a "saturated" state, the cosmetic tattoo spraying industry is in need of skilled human resources, every year in Vietnam, there are over 2,000 beauty establishments opened In addition, this industry is in need of 10,000 more skilled tattoo spray technicians, this is a new and extremely attractive career opportunity for young people who know how to grasp.

Body Massage Training Course

Spa / Massage / Health care apprenticeship centers are increasingly sought by trainees. Along with the addition and improvement of skills, students can acquire very practical knowledge, care for customers and take care of themselves and family members.