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Hoang Tho - Volcanic rock


Himalaya Salt Stone Sauna
Himalaya Salt Rock Room uses pure Himalayan salt rock taken from the second largest natural mineral salt mine in the world, preserving 84 types of minerals useful for the body, combined with steam treatment. Negative ion-emitting materials and infrared rays are considered by medicine as a kind of "air vitamin".
Mineral Mud - Bac Medicine
The mineral mud-herbal mud room is designed with a natural mineral mud background and a wall made of Hoang Tho soil from ancient times and was used by ancient Egypt as a skin-nourishing mineral mask, around hanging Chinese herbs, combined Negative ion and infrared radiation therapy saunas
Snow Sauna Room (Igloo)
A cold snow sauna is a model of a sauna located in the Jjim jil bang sauna system of Korea. Accordingly, after going through the negative-ion infrared saunas with the loess earth, the Himalayan salt rock sauna, the herb sauna, the cold snow sauna is the last process that the saunas use to help their body temperature. body returned to normal.
K - Duck restaurant and Hot - Cold Mineral Foot Bath
K - Duck is a restaurant that specializes in serving Korean snacks and drinks, helping to replenish your energy after the sauna time. The hot and cold mineral foot bath helps your feet to rest and relax after stressful working days. Both are on the 7th floor with unique city view and elaborate space, promising to be your interesting stopover place.

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