Cosmetic skin treatment
Treat acne Treat acne
Safe and effective treatment of acne, warts, and blackheads with modern laser technology with a dermatologist with more than 10 years of experience, Gia Lai Spa - Gia Lai Clinic treating 5-star standard acne.
Melasma treatment Melasma treatment
Melasma Gia Lai with Laser Toning Q Switch Nd technology is now a safe and effective treatment for melasma, applied by An An salon to thousands of customers.
Treatment of freckles, age spots Treatment of freckles, age spots
An An Beauty Salon specializes in treating freckles and age spots with the most advanced laser technology today in Gia Lai and Kontum
Treatment of pitted scars, concave scars Treatment of pitted scars, concave scars
An An Beauty Salon specializes in treating pitting scars and concave scars with laser technology, using the most advanced needle rolling method today in Gia Lai and Kontum.
Skin rejuvenation Skin rejuvenation
After only 60 minutes of Thermage Lift treatment, customers can feel and see the obvious difference with the naked eye: Eliminate over 90% of wrinkles, including deep wrinkles due to aging. , creating a slim V-line face thanks to an effective muscle-lifting mechanism, smooth, soft, and firm skin, 10 years younger.
Scar removal, tattoo removal Scar removal, tattoo removal
AnAn Beauty Salon removes body tattoos, colorful tattoos, large and complex tattoos, eyebrow tattoo removal, eyelid tattoo removal, lip tattoo removal.
White bath White bath
White spray technology using Nano sprayer is a method of whitening the skin through white Nano particles. These Nano particles go deep into the skin, penetrate into cells to help limit oxidation, minimize the production of melamine.
Hair removal with OPT-SHR technology Hair removal with OPT-SHR technology
Bikini hair removal with OPT - SHR is a completely new hair removal technology imported from the United States that is a solution that both effectively removes hair and ensures safety for all skin types, without causing pain, injury or difficult feeling. Come on. However, to get treatment at a hair removal site that ensures the criteria of technology, technical expertise and implementation process, you can come to AN AN Beauty Salon to visit and have complete peace mind with quality or service price.
SPA services
Foot massage Foot massage
Foot Massage (Massage chan) at Jjim Jil Bang - Healthy Massage Pleiku - Gia Lai City will bring balance, stimulate the body's ability to heal and heal itself, increase endurance and endurance of the foot.
Couple Massage in Pleiku, Gia Lai Couple Massage in Pleiku, Gia Lai
Come with us, you and your lover can be completely assured of privacy and tranquility, increasing the flavor of love between couples, or couples in love, helping towards a lasting, happy love.
Massage for Men in Pleiku, Gia Lai Massage for Men in Pleiku, Gia Lai
The more social development, the higher the need for health care and fatigue relief of men. Meeting that need, professional service of Massage South Pleiku was born, helping relieve fatigue for men in Pleiku, Gia lai.
Head - Neck - Shoulder - Nape Massage Therapy Head - Neck - Shoulder - Nape Massage Therapy
With professional Head - Neck - Shoulder - Nape Therapy Massage at Jjim Jil Bang - Healthy Massage, helps soften and relax stiff, blocked muscles of the body, combined with neck reflexology method Exclusive infusion at Jjim Jil Bang - Healthy Massage in Pleiku, Gia Lai. You will find both body and mind more relaxed and at ease. This is also an effective treatment for many health conditions such as sleep disturbances, depression, ...

5-star standard salon & SPA - AnAn

AnAn 5-star class with a specialist doctor with 10 years of experience and advanced laser system effectively treating: Acne, melasma, mole removal, freckles, tattoo removal, hair removal, pitting scar treatment, public fat reduction high technology.
The team of doctors over 10 years of experience
SPA standard 5 stars
The most modern equipment today
Commitment to quality from AnAn
Customer care
Quick and effective treatment of torture with Laser Spectra - Elos technology
Laser Spectra - Elos is a system of two super technology products used in combination to treat age spots, providing high efficiency and safety, trusted and chosen by many customers to treat age spots and disorders. skin pigmentation.
Synthesis of effective slimming technologies at AN AN - Spa Gia Lai
Non-surgical slimming is a method of slimming without using cutlery, not deeply invasive but can still remove excess fat from the body. Let's take a look at the non-surgical slimming technologies at AN AN Spa
Effective treatment of Nhan Nhang with Laser technology at AN AN Spa Gia Lai
Fractional CO2 Laser treatment of freckles helps to completely remove freckles, prevent freckles from having a chance to re-emerge with direct laser wavelengths and completely remove freckles feet deep into the skin, at the same time giving women a bright white skin and youthful youthfulness.
Scar treatment with Laser Fractional CO2 technology at AN AN - Spa Gia Lai
Fractional CO2 Scarring is considered to be the most effective treatment for pitting scars today, especially for severe, deep pitting scars with sclerosis of the scar legs, lack of vitality on the dry skin surface.
Melasma treatment with specialists and lasers
Liệu pháp kết hợp bước sóng Laser Toning + Mesogun & tinh chất điều trị NÁM Glutathione là một bước đột phá trong điều trị nám, không chỉ có tác dụng điều trị Nám hiệu quả mà còn giúp bạn cải thiện làn da một cách toàn diện.
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